Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Accurate?

One of many simple pregnancy tests is bleach test. However, is bleach pregnancy test accurate? Let’s see. There’s no greater good news for the long child-waiting couples than positive pregnancy news from the doctor. It’s just like a gift from heaven after so long of efforts. Today, we don’t have to see the doctor for pregnancy confirmations. There are over the top do-it-yourself pregnancy test kits we can easily found in the pharmacy or any convenience big stores. They are almost urine-based tests and really affordable. Almost all of them are user friendly. With a little instruction, we can do the test and seeing the results in minutes.

As a little flash back, urine pregnancy test has quite a long history. So far, the first recorded account of this kind of pregnancy test was from 1350 BCE. It is believed that Egyptian woman who believes herself on pregnant will urinate on barley or wheat seeds for several days. If the wheat seeds grow, it means that child is going to be a baby girl. Otherwise, a baby boy will be expected if the barley grows. This belief came under scientific test in 1963. It was that actually found that urine of pregnant women did have properties which make the seeds grow, while the men and non-pregnant women didn’t have.

At the beginning of the 20 centuries, interests on sex hormone had lead into some important discoveries. In the twenties, scientists began to aware of specific hormone which only found on pregnant women. Later, we know this hormone as chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This finding leads to other leaps of invention practical pregnancy tests. The first pregnancy test kit based on the hormone was available in 1970. It took only two hours for the results, but the kits were still limited to the doctors and scientists. It’s only on 1976 that pregnancy tests kits were available for all, just like what we know it now.

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Accurate for All Occasions?

Now, tough abundant of pregnancy tests are in the market, there always a room for creativity to grow. Some intuitive and intellect mind also have the idea to make really simple pregnancy test for free. It’s also based on chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and we can make it in minutes with our daily household materials. It’s with the bleach. Yes, it’s the one we previously use only to clean our clothes now has other greater function. It turns out that a combination of bleach and urine will give us the cheapest way of knowing our pregnancy status. However,there is question according to health and fit mom , is bleach pregnancy test accurate? We will see the verdict in a while, but let’s discuss how simple the test is.

In the morning, before you take other activities, on your first duty in the bathroom, take a sample of your urine. Put it in a clean sterile container. Then take another clean and sterile container, put about eight ounces of bleach. You can use either powder or liquid bleach, but choose the plain one, not the scented. The next step is the mixing. Pour urine into the urine container and mix thoroughly. Wait for a while and see the results. If it frothy and fizzy, then you are pregnant. If not, you are not pregnant or you are too early in doing the test. That’s it, so simple.

What about the accuracy? No 100% accuracy for this pregnancy test or, even, for the famous kits available in the market. The accuracy of urine-based pregnancy test depends on the level of chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It can be said that the higher the contents in urine, the more accurate the results. Actually, for the reasons we should take the urine sample in our first urinating occasion in the morning. The accuracy also depends on the timing of testing. If we perform it too early, the chance is low of getting the positive results because of too low hCG content in urine. Is bleach pregnancy test accurate for all occasions?  Sometimes, there are false negative results.  In the case we missed the periods yet the pregnancy test proved negative, we should see the doctor for detailed exact pregnancy status.